Mr. So Wrong by R.C. Stephens

They are so wrong for each other.

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He’s an arrogant, rich city slicker.

She’s a feisty rancher.

Sam knows that the sexy stranger she saved the other night doesn’t belong. His pointy shoes and fancy car give him away.

When she brings him home and nurses him back to health, she doesn’t expect him to turn into a houseguest.

Waking up in some strange woman’s bed isn’t something new for Al, but the smart-mouthed woman who greets him in the morning is unexpected. He shouldn’t want to bed her. She’s too young and too kind for his dark soul.
She’s made it clear she’s only trying to help him out. One hot kiss leads to one wild night, and before Sam knows it, her houseguest hasn’t only slithered his way into her bed but also her heart.

Problem is Sam is hiding something …

Al isn’t willing to walk away from the first woman in years who actually made him feel something.

Too bad Sam’s best laid plans are about to be set on fire, just like the time Al threw her panties into the fireplace.