Anti Player

Player Series, Book 4


Hooking up with my best friend’s little sister was my first mistake… falling for her was my second.

But being a twenty-seven-year-old virgin on a pro hockey team was messing with my head and my game.

Plenty of women would have gladly helped me out with my little predicament, but it wasn’t me they were after—it was my status.

To keep things simple, I decide to make Madison a proposal: take my virginity and I’ll help the beautiful single mom find her confidence after a bad breakup.

We promised each other it was only temporary, our dirty little secret.

We had an expiration date.

The season would start, Maddie would go to school, and my best friend wouldn’t have a clue about what transpired between us.

Maddie keeps her end of the deal… it’s me who can’t follow through.