One Time Player

Player Series, Book 2

A brand new hockey series that takes place in the world of the NHL.

I could have any woman I want…

Except Patty Sanders.

She is off-limits, not only because she is my hockey team’s new assistant physical therapist. She is also the coach’s daughter.

Getting in between the sheets with her, could cost me my career on the ice.

So, I’ll settle for being in the friend zone, if it means I get to be around her. But the more time we spend together, the more the lines we’ve drawn begin to blur.

Especially when Patty asks me to be her date to her cousin’s wedding. One minute we’re dancing and the next she’s in my arms asking me for one night.

One night before everything goes back to normal— like it never happened. But for me there is no going back.

Can I convince Patty I’m more than just a one time player?