Broken Player

Westfall University, Book 5



I’ve had my heart crushed more times than I can count. Swearing off men was the best thing I ever did. The second best—taking a job waitressing at The Firken bar off campus.

My grumpy boss is nice to everyone… except me.

Which shouldn’t bother me, but it does.

Darren is handsome, mysterious—and even more unavailable than I am.

I’ve gotten over my ghosts, but he’s still chasing his.

I thought after years of working in close proximity maybe, just maybe, we would finally cross that line. But almost kisses don’t count, not even off the clock.

I wish he wasn’t so closed off, so he could see what I see.

He may be a broken player… but his damaged heart is definitely worth saving.


Falling in love again is not an option. Keep my distance… that’s the rule.

Running The Firken and working as a personal trainer is all I have room for in my life.

Night after night I watch Blossom turn down guys. And every damn time I’m relieved.

She’s smart, beautiful, and something about her makes me want to protect her. Even if that means from me.

After years of fighting my feelings we became friends, until I ruined things by pushing her away and into the arms of another man.

I need to pull it together or risk losing the best thing that’s happened to me since my life came crashing down.